Giannone Wine & Spirits

For social gatherings, special occasions, and relaxing nights at home, it’s good to know you have a top-notch wine and spirits shop right in your neighborhood. Giannone Wine & Spirits is the beverage shop of choice for Port Imperial residents because of its convenient location, awesome selection, and reasonable prices.

If you’re new to the neighborhood or considering moving in soon, here are the details about Giannone Wine & Spirits so you can sip your favorite drinks in style.

Why We Love Giannone Wine & Spirits

Giannone Wine & Spirits is a large liquor store that carries a wide selection of wines (whites, reds, and sparkling), spirits, and beer. When you shop here, you don’t have to keep track of confusing discount programs or policies. This is because the discounts are already built into the price you see on the shelf.

All Giannone’s prices on wine feature a discount of a minimum of 20% off the standard retail price, no matter what quantity you buy. For spirits, that discount is 10%. Additionally, you’ll see some special offers throughout the year, so sign up for the store’s newsletter to be among the first to know about them.

Giannone Wine & Spirits’ Website

Even in our modern, digital world, most liquor stores don’t have a website. However, Giannone Wine & Spirits isn’t just any liquor store! Giannone has had a virtual presence since 2008 and has been continually updating its comprehensive wine and spirits retail site to become the best of its kind on the web. This is great to know for tech-savvy Port Imperial residents who want to scope out the store’s selection before stepping inside to buy their favorite bottles.

Beverage Selection at Giannone’s

On the Giannone website, you can browse the wines available by country, region, price range, varietal, year, and type. Here you can also read descriptions of the wines and add bottles to cart for an online order. There’s also an entirely separate section for 90+ Point wines if you’re looking for something especially outstanding.

For spirits, you can browse the website to explore different types of liquor, producers, bottle sizes, and region of the country. This is a great option if you’re looking for an authentic bourbon from Kentucky, for example, or a large-size bottle of your favorite spirit. Craft beer fans living at Port Imperial will have lots of options at their fingertips – and at their taste buds – with Giannone so close by. Giannone carries beers from all around the world and regions of the U.S., with plenty of IPA, lagers, stouts, and other styles to choose from. To perfectly complement your sushi takeout or homemade Asian dishes, pick up a bottle of sake at Giannone’s on your way home.

Free Local Delivery!

Something else great about Giannone’s is that it offers free local delivery to Port Imperial residents for orders over $250. The store will deliver orders under $250 too, but for those there’s a $15 delivery charge. This is great to know when you’re stocking up for a party and don’t have time to pick up beverages or simply don’t want to carry all that weight back to your home without help. Of course, only individuals 21+ can purchase alcohol for delivery, and all deliveries must be received by an adult who is 21+ as well.

Giannone Wine & Spirits Hours and Locations

Giannone has two local locations: 55 Riverwalk Place in West New York and 305 River Street in Hoboken. The Riverwalk location is right inside our very own Port Imperial building and very close by our 9 Avenue at Port Imperial and 800 Avenue at Port Imperial properties too. Our 800 Avenue property, known as Avora, has been named the “community of the year” and is directly on the waterfront.

When you live here, it’s easy to stop by Giannone’s on Mondays 11am to 9pm, Tuesdays through Fridays 11am to 10pm, Saturdays 10am to 10pm, and Sundays 11am to 7pm. The customer service here is fast, friendly, and knowledgeable, so you’ll find exactly what you want and be on your way in no time at all.

Giannone Wine & Spirits is one of the many local businesses that makes living at Port Imperial so enjoyable. At Port Imperial, you’ll have easy access to everything you want and a beautiful place that you’ll be proud to call home. Contact us to discover your ideal condo, rental, penthouse, or studio on the waterfront.