Whole Foods Weehawken - Port Imperial NJ

Port Imperial residents love living healthy lifestyles and cooking and eating delicious meals at home. These life goals just got a little easier with the opening of Whole Foods Weehawken, the popular multinational supermarket chain that focuses on local, organic, and plant-based foods. We are excited to welcome Whole Foods into our neighborhood and have this grocery store so close to home.

Here are some details about our new Whole Foods Weehawken and what to expect when you go shopping here.

Why We Love Whole Foods Weehawken

Whole Foods Market opened its 20th supermarket in New Jersey with its Weehawken store opening on July 26, 2019. This is a 32,000-square-foot market is an asset to our local economy and employs about 190 full-time and part-time team members. It also sources food from locally from approximately 150 local suppliers from New Jersey and the metropolitan area.

However, Whole Foods Weehawken is more than just a place to shop; it’s a place for the community. It offers neighbors a wide selection of natural and organic groceries, quick prepared foods, and hundreds of local products. It also prohibits all hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, and high-fructose corn syrup from its products to help you eat healthy and be well.

Special Features of Whole Foods Weehawken

What makes our local Whole Foods unique is that it features seasonal vegetables and fruit from local suppliers, and it even gets beauty and body care products from local sources. Our store has a full-service butcher department where you can buy locally supplied beef, chicken, lamb, sausage, and turkey. It also has a seafood department that sells amazing in-house-made crab cakes, lobster rolls, and salmon burgers.

Port Imperial residents love picking up prepared foods from the hot and cold food bars at Whole Foods, which includes a salad bar, soup wells, pizza, charcuterie, and rotisserie chicken. This is a convenient way to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal when you’re in a rush or simply don’t want to cook at home or dine out at a restaurant.

Whole Foods Weehawken has an awesome specialty foods section with local cheeses and a self-serve fresh pasta bar. One local cheese supplier featured here is the Long Valley-based Valley Shepherd Creamery, charcuterie offerings come from Charlito’s Cocina of Long Island City, and the fresh pasta bar offerings come from Westmont-based Severino Pasta Company.

It also has a huge in-house bakery that offers delicious cakes and cookies, as well as great options for shoppers who follow gluten-free, vegan, and other special diets. When you shop here, you can take home amazing baked goods from area bakeries, such as Englewood's Balthazar Bakery and New York City's by the Way Bakery.

However, Weehawken shoppers should know that unlike the Paramus location, the local Whole Foods here does not sell alcohol. To pick up a six-pack or bottle of wine before your next BYO dinner, we suggest stopping by the local Giannone Wine & Spirits at 55 Riverwalk Place.

Café at Whole Foods Weehawken

For your daily coffee, the onsite Café Grumpy serves single-origin coffee selections, nitro-cold brewed coffee, and tasty seasonal drinks. Café Grumpy is a Brooklyn-based coffee shop chain, and the Weehawken shop even offers commute combos with coffee and pastries for rush hour and discounts for shoppers who bring their own mugs.

H2: Whole Foods Weehawken Deals and Sales

On the Whole Foods website, you can browse deals and sales going on at our local store. The sale listings on produce, packaged goods, and health and beauty items will help you plan your shopping list for the week ahead. Also, stay tuned to the store’s event page to learn about future events happening at the Weehawken store.

Whole Foods Weehawken Hours and Location

For your convenience, Whole Foods Weehawken is open from 7am to 10pm daily. The onsite café, Café Grumpy, is open from 7am to 8pm daily. The local store’s phone number is 551-300-6080.

Come check out Whole Foods Weehawken at 1400 Waterfront Terrace, which is near our Port Imperial properties. When you live in a sophisticated studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom Port Imperial apartment or condo, you’ll have easy access to this store and so many other wonderful places to shop.

Browse our website to learn about even more ways to shop local and close to home as a Port Imperial resident, and contact us to take the first steps to joining our luxurious waterfront community.