Hudson Bike Share

Pedal your way around New Jersey’s gold coast with over 20 local bike share spots.

  • Waterfront Park -River Rd 72nd St

    Guttenberg Station number: 1914

    Bike Share

  • Bulls Ferry (West NY)

    West New York Station number: 1970

    Bike Share

  • Veterans Park

    Guttenberg Station number: 1915

    Bike Share

  • 69th & Bergenline

    Guttenberg Station number: 1984

    Bike Share

  • 66th & Bergenline

    West New York Station number: 1980

    Bike Share

  • Port Imperial & North Park (West NY)

    West New York Station number: 1969

    Bike Share

  • West New York Town Hall

    West New York Station number: 1957

    Bike Share

  • The Promenade (West NY)

    West New York Station number: 1968

    Bike Share

  • 49th & Bergenline

    West New York Station number: 1979

    Bike Share

  • Port Imperial Ferry

    Weehawken Station number: 1965

    Bike Share

  • Pershing Park

    Weehawken Station number: 198

    Bike Share

  • Hamilton Park

    Weehawken Station number: 1953

    Bike Share

  • 400 Park Ave/Town Hall

    Weehawken Station number: 1952

    Bike Share

Some people who live at Port Imperial bring their own bikes with them to commute around the area. But we also have our own local bike sharing program called Hudson Bike Share, which allows you to pedal around New Jersey’s Gold Coast with lots of local bike share spots nearby.

Here’s some information about Hudson Bike Share and how you can use it as a Port Imperial resident.

How Bike Sharing Works

Renting a bike is easy, and you can sign up on the Hudson Bike Share website, via mobile app, by calling the company, or in-person at any bike share kiosk. You’ll need to enter a debit or credit card when you sign up. The easiest way to unlock a bike and start riding is to use the mobile app to enter the bike number and get a code. When you enter this code into the bike’s computer, it will unlock for you. Just secure the cable lock in its holder, and off you go!

Trips can be 30-45 minutes long, depending on what pricing plan you choose, and the clock keeps ticking if you need to make a mid-trip stop to run an errand. To return the bike after your ride, place it into a rack at an official station and use the cable lock to secure it in place. You can also leave the bike next to the official station and simply lock it to itself if there are no spots available. Use the on-board computer to select the “return” option, and you’ll get a confirmation to conclude your ride.

Hudson Bike Share Stations

Conveniently, there are eight Port Imperial bike share stations for you to access and drop off bikes from. These are at Pershing Park, Days Point, Port Imperial Ferry, Port Imperial & Riverbend, Riverwalk Circle, the Promenade, Port Imperial & North Park, and Bulls Ferry. In Weehawken, you can stop by the bike share stations at Lincoln Harbor, Waterfront Park, Hamilton Park, and Town Hall.

Meanwhile, West New York stations can be found at Town Hall, Port Imperial & Riverwalk, Donnelly Memorial Park, Park Avenue, 49th & Bergenline, and 66th & Bergenline. Additional stations are located in Hoboken, Bayonne, Guttenberg, Liberty State Park, and North Bergen for your short trips around the area. On the Hudson Bike Share website and app, you can click on a location to see how many bikes are available right now at a chosen location or to find where the closest station is to you.

Bike Share Pricing

Bike share programs are an affordable way to get around town and increase your mobility while living at Port Imperial. If you choose a pay-as-you-go plan with Hudson Bike Share, you’ll pay just $2 plus tax for each 30-minute trip. From there, each additional 30 minutes costs you $30.

If you plan to use bike share a lot while you live here, you can choose a monthly membership for $12.95 plus tax per month. This includes unlimited 45-minute trips, with each additional 30 minutes costing $3. This option requires a three-month commitment.

Or if you’ve recently signed a new year-long lease for a Port Imperial home, your best bet may be to get an annual bike share membership for $95 plus tax. This includes unlimited 45-minute trips for a year, but each additional 30 minutes after those 45 minutes have passed is still $3. Students and staff of the Stevens Institute of Technology can receive discounted passes for bike sharing as well.

Benefits of Using Bike Share at Port Imperial

Hudson Bike Share bikes are available 24/7. This is a very flexible way to get around our area, not to mention to and from public transit stations, since you can rent a bike at one station and then return it another station later. These bikes are also equipped with on-board computers that have locking mechanisms and GPS devices so that they can be easily located at any time. Biking is great exercise as well and gets you out into the open air in a way that trains and buses simply can’t.

Contact us to learn more about living at a Port Imperial property and how easy it is to access everything you want from here.