By Car

A convenient drive through the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels will get you to the city in minutes.

For the sake of convenience and freedom to go wherever you want at any time, many Port Imperial residents choose to park their cars nearby. Having a car here is one of the many ways that you can get to work, nearby parks, restaurants, shops, city events, and waterfront attractions that brought you to this resort-style destination in the first place. Since having a car can be a bit tricky in a new location, here’s what drivers need to know about driving, parking, tolls, routes, and car maintenance at Port Imperial.

Parking in Port Imperial

Street parking can be hard to come by, but some is available along the sides of Riverwalk Place, and Avenue at Port Imperial. There are also parking options available at 6040 JF Kennedy Boulevard East Parkway, Riverbend Guest Parking, and the lot at 5601 Park Avenue.

Near our Nine on the Hudson residents, there is some street parking on River Mews and the Avenue at Port Imperial. If you’re living at our lovely 800 Avenue at Port Imperial residence right on the water, Port Parking offers public parking spaces, and SP+ Parking and the Ferry Parking Garage 1 are just north of the property.

Popular Routes to NYC

Commuters from Port Imperial enjoy having a convenient drive through the Holland and Lincoln tunnels that get them to the city in minutes. From Port Imperial, one popular route to NYC travels on Waterfront Terrace to Willow Avenue and then Marin Boulevard to the Holland Tunnel. This is an ideal route if you’re looking to reach Lower Manhattan, SoHo, or Greenwich Village.

Depending on how traffic is moving along and where you want to go, the Lincoln Tunnel may be your best bet, and it is easily accessible from Port Imperial Boulevard. The Lincoln Tunnel will put you near Midtown, Hell’s Kitchen, the Highline and Chelsea. 

Toll Information

Tolls are collected for both the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels as you enter New York, and prices vary depending on if you have an EZ Pass and whether you’re driving at peak or off-peak hours. If you have an EZ Pass, the peak-hour rate for a car for both tunnels is $12.50, and the off-peak hour rate is $10.50. The cash toll is $15 at all hours, so it’s definitely worth getting an EZ Pass if you plan to drive to the city often.

Estimated Driving Times

Traffic in the New York City area can vary greatly depending on when you’re driving and what events are going on around town. If you’re looking to drive from the 1100 Avenue at Port Imperial area to Times Square, for example, this is only a four-mile drive. In morning rush hour, this drive could take you around 35 minutes, but it’s considerably shorter during the mid-day hours and on some weekends. If you’re looking to drive from our 800 Avenue at Port Imperial property to the Whitney Museum of American Art, for example, that’s about a five-mile drive that is less than 40 minutes away by car even during rush hour. The good news is that you can get pretty much anywhere you want to go in under an hour despite normal traffic conditions.

Caring for Your Car

As anyone who has had a car will tell you, car ownership involves more than just filling the vehicle with gas and giving it an occasional wash. It’s a smart idea to get familiar with local auto repair shops in the Port Imperial area in case something should go wrong with your beloved set of wheels. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from nearby, including Pedro’s Auto Repair at 127 41st Street in Union City, Ralph’s Auto Repair Corporation at 5909 Buchanan Place in West New York, and Tri State Auto Repair on 5012 Palisade Avenue in West New York. When it’s time for a wash, head to Los Hermanos Car Wash on Palisade Avenue or Prestige Hand Car Wash on John F. Kennedy Boulevard to get your car clean and drive in style.

We’re here to answer any questions you have about living and commuting from Port Imperial, so contact us today!